Idea: Nutrition Data Company

A company I wish existed

An article around a company I think should exist.

I think a company should work on making it easier to track nutrition and lifestyle, with a goal of helping


Nutrition is filled with conflicting studies about what works and what doesn't. Furthermore, studies are often focused on specific aspects of lifestyle or nutrition and not about collecting the whole view of a persons life.

Studying nutrition is made difficult by trouble collecting comprehensive and accurate data on what people eat (including what was in what they ate).


Genetics and environment also play a big role in how the body processes and uses the food provided.


The goal is making it easy to track in detail your nutrition and lifestyle as a whole, and the impact they have on your health.

I think a company could design a set of products to make tracking much easier would greatly improve the situation, and have several options for monetization.

The roadmap would be:

  1. Design/Build the tracking system
  2. Pay some users to track their daily life accurately
  3. Monetize and iterate.

Rough tracking system

To get as accurate a measure of in/out as possible, several core areas should be tracked: Nutrition, Environment, Genetics, Blood markers, and Mood.

  1. Nutrition
    1. My initial impression is a set of camera's in the kitchen, and a scale for measuring portions when cooking would provide very accurate measures of ingredients fairly easily.
    2. An alternative may be to provide pre made meals, portions, snacks, etc and having them tick a box around what they ate.
    3. The more detailed the better, such as exactly what brand.
    4. Water ingestion tracking.
    5. Weight tracking.
  2. Environment
    1. Temperature where they currently are (not necessarily weather), and body temperature.
    2. Exertion level, normal fitness tracking stuff.
    3. Sleep tracking,
  3. Genetics
    1. Inexpensive these days, and only need done during onboarding.
  4. Blood testing
    1. In order to get accurate and rapid feedback on how diet and lifestyle is being affected.
  5. Mood tracking
    1. Track general perception of how they're feeling.
    2. The more non intrusive the better.

Tracking products

  • A simple toggle button, ala Amazon Dash
    • Roughly track bathroom usage
  • Smart scale, step on to measure and record.
  • Kitchen camera/scale system for easily tracking exact quantities going into meals.
  • Sleep tracker, sleep phases, time asleep, etc.


I think this could exist as a non profit, but also has plenty of monetization opportunities to make a for profit business.

Some monetization options

  • Selling the tracking products
  • Subscription for app built around data
  • High performance athlete targeted services.
  • Government grants and funding?

Other thoughts

I think even with a fairly small number of participants in data collection, tracking them in this level would provide some very valuable data.

The outputs of the tracking would be a combination of the mood and blood testing. It's also likely valuable to be able to see how mood and blood testing correlate as well.