One Bag Dev Gear

One Bag Dev Gear

Light development gear for extended travel

"One bag" is the idea of traveling with a single bag. This makes going through airports and travel in general much easier. You'd be surprised how little you really need to travel with. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot!

For travel small and reliable are the keys. Here is the gear I'm currently using. (Affiliate links for many items included)

Several key travel hacks

  • Use a phone with hotspot from phone when having trouble with internet
  • Send pdf's to a kindle for easier reading
  • Use hardware security keys for better online security
  • The right headphones can greatly improve call quality when there's background noise ( Bose NC 700 )
  • Use usb-c coupliers with smaller usb-c cables for maximum flexibility

Laptop - Pixelbook


Very thin and light laptop. I use cloud services when I need heavy lifting.

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Phone - Pixel 2


Great phone in a size I like. Plugin is getting worn out and battery is getting weak though, so I'll be upgrading to the iphone 13 mini soon (already ordered).

Hotspot can be a lifesaver.

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Yubikey - Several versions


Security keys are great for added security. They're great for your second factor auth. I highly recommend getting a set.

I carry several yubikeys for security. I try keep one with me, one in my room, and one somewhere else in the world.

5C + NFC 5C Mini 5 mini

Usb Hub and Ethernet adapter


USB-C hub for getting a few more ports, a HDMI Port, and a ethernet port. Great for when you have a consistent desk and plan to work there daily for awhile.

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Travel wifi router to use as a backup wifi source. I rarely break this out, but if the wifi is not working well it can help.

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Laptop Stand - Roost


A recent-ish purchase, a laptop stand to put my laptop at eye level for more comfortable work conditions.

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Mouse - Microsoft arc


A Bluetooth mouse that folds flat for travel. You won't find a much more compact and comfortable mouse, and I've never had trouble with connectivity. Batteries are standard AAA, so you can find them anywhere as well.

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E-Reader - Kindle Oasis


E-Reader is much more convenient than regular books. I also love the ability to email a pdf to the kindle, which can be great for reading research papers while on a plane. The phisical page turn buttons and water resistance are great with the oasis. Compared to a regular kind I miss being able to fit it in my pant pocket though.

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Great noise cancelling headphones for focused work, or a call with great audio quality. I like the form factor of most other headphones better, but for calls and noise cancelling these are top of the line.

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USB-C Power with PD

Use the charger that came with your laptop, or find a nice GaN charger with the correct PD level for fast-charging your devices.

I couldn't find the exact charger I bought on amazon awhile back, seems to be discontinued.

USB Power Adapter


Power adapter that'll work for most countries. great for anything you can charge in reasonible amount of time through USB-A.

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Keyboard - Goldtouch Go 2


I don't currently recommend this as it has alot of disconnect issues with my pixelbook. I may hang on to it until I upgrade laptops though, as I do like the form factor. I could definitely be smaller though as well.

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Usb-C Coupler


A usb-c coupler allows you to connect 2 shorter cables into one longer cable. The ones I have seem to be sensitive to how you've rotated your cables, so not perfect, but I find they work well enough for me and give alot of flexibility. You can probably find some better ones.

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